Creating an Entire Room on a Consignment Budget: PART 2

Consignment Bedroom AFTER!
Where do I begin?!  This was so much fun!  My post last week (read here) was a shopping trip through the Portage Rd. KalamazooKitty location.  My start and finish an entire room on a consignment store budget.  Before I dig into the details of this bedroom, I want to mention that some of the pieces I chose for this room, sold last week.  Because of that, I took another stroll around the store and found some great replacements, and I couldn't be happier with the results!  Again, everything (except the mattresses) in this room came from KalamazooKitty.   Did I say room?  It is really just a corner in the back room of the store!
Red, Navy & Cream Chair
So let's take a closer look at the pieces I chose and why.  The inspiration piece of the bedroom...the red, navy and cream chair!  This chair set the look and feel of the room, which made it easy to pull the rest of the pieces together.  Paired with a throw, small pillow and magazine rack, it is now the perfect place to read your favorite blog first thing in the morning :).
Although the chair set the stage for the room, the headboard stole the show!  This barn door is the perfect size for a twin bed, but turned horizontally and hung on the wall, it would make a great guestroom headboard for either a full or queen.  It is clean and still has the original hardware at the top!  The two simple, black and white drawings flank the headboard and make the room feel like it has evolved over time.  The bed is adorned with some gray and cream pillows, a gray coverlet and a beautiful handmade wool blanket.  Made locally in Kalamazoo, this blanket is stunning!  We also have a pink and a gray one at the Portage Rd. location right now.  Moving on...
At the end of the bed is a gray patterned upholstered bench with a couple of primitive pillows.  The original bench I chose for this room was for a queen bed, however I was limited on space, so I went with a twin. 
Wool Blanket in Cream
Tucked under the bench are two vintage suitcases.
Not just for looks, you can store old photos, yearbooks or tax papers in these beauties!  On either side of the bed I went with unmatched "nightstands".  Have you ever seen me match anything?! 
Barndoor Headboard
Remember, bedroom "sets" should never be purchased if you want your room to feel cozy and lived-in.  Always mix it up with stained pieces, painted pieces, old and new.  The table on the left is an incredible antique that has been painted black and stenciled, then distressed.  The legs and curves on this piece are amazing!  It is also the perfect height next to a bed. I find that most people have nightstands that are far too low for comfort and style.  On the right is a two-tiered, antique table with cream paint and a dark stain.  It is sturdy and offers a comfortable height for a plant or lamp.  Speaking of plants, the large Baby Tears in a gray pot was just the right size for this sweet table.  Yes, we have live both locations to boot!  The plant would not be complete without the sleepy owl that sits just beside it.  The industrial lamps from my last post didn't make the cut because they sold.  I'm not at all surprised because those lamps were super cool!  I replaced them with an old wood arm lamp with a cream shade.  Sharing the surface of that black side table, is a pair of gold birds and some old novels.  As we move around the room, you will see a collection of reclaimed pieces making up the wall next to the bed.  The massive, beautiful buffet in black is the perfect piece for a large wall. 
Lampshade Light Effect
Pillows & Art
It offers storage and beauty all in one!  Above it, I placed a huge old window with many panes.  It fills the wall without overwhelming it.  The large newspaper bird rests against the window, and an old metal tray holds a vintage brush and candle.  Set off with the two black lamps and a retro clock, this buffet makes quite a statement!  I found the woven shades for the lamps in KalamazooKitty as well, and they cast the most incredible shadows around the room!  Leaning against the large wall to the left of the buffet, sit two old ladders and a red, navy and cream throw.  This brings the color from the chair over to this side of the room, making it all work together beautifully.  Last, but certainly not least, is a deep red woven rug under the foot of the bed.  Every bed deserves a rug!  It anchors the room and pulls all the colors and textures together.
And there you have it...a complete bedroom using all consignment store pieces!  Whether you are on a tight budget, or you just want a lived-in comfortable look, consignment store shopping is the way to go!  All these pieces are back on the sales floor at the Portage Rd. location and available for purchase. 
Light Shadows from Lampshades
Not sure how to pull this off for yourself?  Just ask!  We are there to help in any way we can.  And by the way, this type of look, and many more, are what you can expect with KalamazooKitty Home Staging.  Don't try to sell an outdated home!  I can bring your home back to life so it sells quickly and for more money!  Shop consignment to live, or shop consignment to sell.  Either way, your home will be beautiful; done on a consignment store budget!

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