My House Tour: Master Bath Part IV

Blue Cabinet & Metal Hooks!
If you have been following along, Parts I, II, and III lead us up to the finishing touches on this unique master bathroom.  Because this space is not huge (which I love because it stays warm), I needed to choose my finishing touches very carefully.  To save money, the tub, shower tile, shower nozzle, and glass stayed as is.  I created a warm off-white room (Nacre from Sherwin Williams) with a white tub, sink and shower, so now it was time to add some personality.  I am certainly not known for a "pop of color" in a room; my "color" always comes in the form of texture.  I love to use fibers, fabrics, woven pieces, wood and metal to add interest and beauty.  However this room is a bit outside my box because I did add a touch of blue to this space, but I simply could not resist!  I found the old cabinet above the toilet at my favorite salvage store, The Heritage Company.  It still has the labels inside that tell me that it was once a cabinet in a garage that stored many bottles of engine oil and old pieces and parts.  I knew the minute I saw it that it was going to be the cabinet over the toilet in my master bath!  After cleaning it up a bit, I coated it with the same marine-grade matte clear coat that I used on the vanity wood top. 
This sealed in any lead-based paints that may have been originally used to give this cabinet that awesome vintage color.  Note: Do not sand or disturb the paint on an old piece!  Simply clean it carefully outside while wearing a mask, then clear coat to avoid exposure to lead-based paints. 
This Mirror!
After mounting this cabinet above the toilet, I added a small wire shelf underneath to hold a few rolls of toilet paper in a convenient place.  Moving on to the other walls in the room, I knew I needed a row of hooks and a unique mirror above the vanity.  I, of course, ran to my favorite consignment store, KalamazooKitty, and found exactly what I needed!  The hooks are forged metal and once again, painted in that same bluish color that I have on the hanging cabinet.  They were the perfect size and just needed a quick coat of matte spray paint to lock in any lead-based paint that may have been used at some point in the past.  Finding the perfect size mirror was my next challenge, but easily obtained at KalamazooKitty!  This mirror is like no other I've seen.  The carved details all the way around were just perfect for my space, and coincidentally...the perfect size!  I added a small amount of dark gray chalk paint, distressed it a bit, then gave it a quick coat of matte clear on top for easier cleaning.  Now it was time for the woven pieces that every room in every house needs.  I added a woven roman shade from Lowes above the window.  We really don't need the privacy because the back yard is very wooded, but I love how it brings the dark tones of the mirror to the other side of the room.  Below the vanity I added woven baskets from Target.  This gives a little more storage, but more importantly, adds texture and warmth!  A large light fixture from Lowes and a black pipe toilet
paper holder (that I made myself), and this room is complete!  Looking around the space, it is hard to believe how little money was spent to achieve a unique master bath loaded with history, charm and detail.  Now if you will excuse's time for a soak!

This is from you!


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