My House Tour: Master Bath Part I

My Retreat
/master bath/
A restful place intended to be used by adults only. 

I am a firm believer of a cozy master bath, rather than a large room that never warms up under my bare feet.  However, I love texture, wood and tile dispersed throughout a bathroom of any size.  Those three things are what make this room feel like my own spa retreat to enjoy at the end of a long day!

Unlike the other bathrooms in my house, this room was not a total gut.  While we kept some things, we replaced and renewed others. 

Although this room is not huge, it is packed full with details and character!  The first place I started this remodel was the floor.  I absolutely loved the vintage tile that was original to this bathroom, but I did not love the dirty "white" grout! Let the Master Bathroom Remodel begin:
Minwax Stain Pen

Step one:
Grab some Minwax stain pens at the home improvement store.  I chose a dark stain because I wanted the look of black grout (these are in the stain and paint department).  While you are there, grab replacement tips for the pens because the rough grout chews up the felt tip and you will need to replace it several times.  You will also need a bottle of GooGone and a rag for keeping your floor clean.

Step Two:
Clean your floor as you normally would and let dry completely.  No need to scrub the grout, just be sure it is dry!

Be Messy!
Step Three:
Color your grout with the stain pen as if you are coloring a picture in kindergarten!  Please note: you will not get marked down by the teacher for being messy...that's what the GooGone is for.  Work in sections a couple feet wide and wipe with a rag and GooGone as you go.  The tile will shine up perfectly and the grout will hold the color.  This was the case for my white hexagon tile, but test your tile first to be sure the excess will wipe off easily.  If not, you must be neat and color inside the lines!

Step Four:
Stand up, stretch your legs and enjoy your beautiful "new" grout!  Clean as you normally would from this point forward.  I have even used bleach and the color stays put!  You can't even compare the cost of this technique versus new tile or replacing the grout.

Stayed tuned for Master Bath: Part II...Lath Walls!  I will explain step-by-step how to achieve a rustic, yet fun wall treatment that is mold and mildew resistant.  This bathroom remodel is on the cheap, so plan on spending very little!

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  1. Beautiful bathroom; looking forward to the next installment!


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