Creating an Entire Room on a Consignment Budget! Part 1

Inspiration Piece
Can it really be done?  Can you find everything, and I mean everything, you need at KalamazooKitty to start and finish a room beautifully?  Of course!  This, however, isn't news to me since I use items from my store everyday to decorate homes across the Kalamazoo area.  I also hear customer after customer tell me that their entire home has been furnished by KalamazooKitty!  So if you have never been to either location, you should know that both stores, combined, equal about 18,000 sf of furniture, accessories, art and more.  With thousands of items at each store, it is not only possible to completely furnish a room from KalamazooKitty, it is possible to completely furnish a home!  This post is part one of a two-part post that will feature the items this week, and then the furnished room next week.  In this case, a bedroom!  So I started out this morning, before the stores opened, in search of an inspiration piece.  I like to find the piece that will be my jumping-off point first, then the rest is easy.  So I found this chair! It has a beautiful color palette of red, navy blue, and yellow.  I totally love navy blue right now, so this was perfect!  With this chair in mind, I set off in search of a twin bed or headboard.  After looking through many great options, I settled on an old barn door for the headboard. 
Industrial Lamp
Black Lamp
Unique, fun and a little Industrial Chic; it was right up my alley!  On a side note, you will not find mattresses at KalamazooKitty (that would be gross!).  Next on my list was lamps. I found two industrial ones for next to the bed, two black ones, and also a floor lamp.  I'm not a huge fan of the shades on the black lamps, but we have lampshades for sale as well, so I can always find another option.  You may be wondering if I always shop in such an orderly way?  The answer is YES!  At KalamazooKitty, there is so much to see that I can only hunt for one item at a time, or I get completely distracted and overwhelmed.  Moving on...bedding was next on my list.  I found a brown bedskirt and a red quilt.  We don't have a ton of bedding in the stores because we are quite picky about it being basically brand new or we just don't accept it all.  Time for art!  I found a giant black and white bird, some sweet black and white drawings and a huge old white window.  My next target was storage.  I needed a dresser or two, and some nightstands (all are pictured below).  I opted for a beautiful black buffet to use as a dresser to add some character to the space, as well as a creamy yellow dresser for more storage.  A mid-century bench for the end of the bed and some accessories will finish off the room nicely.  Wow!  I can already see it in my head.  It will be eclectic, trendy, warm and inviting!  Feel free to browse through the photos of the items I mentioned (pardon the arrangement of the photos...I can't seem to line them up!), and tune back in next week to see the finished room!  All items shown are for sale at the Portage Rd. location.  DISCLAIMER: If an item from my list sells this week, I will replace it with another, equally awesome, piece from KalamazooKitty!
This is from you!

Floor Lamp

Large Bird


Black Buffet

Vintage Clock

Old Books

Red Quilt

Side Table

Mid-Century Bench

Old Crates

Wood Ladder


B/W Drawings
Old Dresser

Side Table

Live Plants

Old Metal Tray

Old White Window (look closely)



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