My Top 5 September Favorites!

My Favorite Pin:
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The ceiling?  The floors?  The walls?  The furniture?  Where do I begin?!  I think the best part about this room isn't the stuff in it, but the warmth created from it.  It is loaded with textures, natural elements and "found" objects.  The color palette contains layers of natural colors from whites and brown, to tans and black.  The walls in this room are cream painted horizontal boards that extend up onto the ceiling.  Down south, this treatment is called shiplap.  Once used as an inexpensive alternative to plaster, it is now a must-have look across the country.  The hewn log beams then become the focal point of the space; dividing it up just enough to add interest and dimension.  Speaking of interest, did you notice the giant black lanterns?!  They are absolutely stunning in this home.  I love the addition of metal to every room of the house, and these lanterns do just the trick.  Wondering where to find an old wood lobster cage?  KalamazooKitty of course!  There is one at the West Main location this very moment.  Need an old wood door to top it off?  You will find one of those at KalamazooKitty, as well.  This combination of two natural elements makes a unique coffee table that you won't see at your neighbor's house! A glass lamp, a cream sofa and some fresh flowers, and that is one beautiful room!

My Favorite Exterior:
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Whether you call it a garage, guest house or home, this is a gorgeous building!  I love the color combination; or should I say lack there of?  Crisp white against black shutters is always a classic choice, but this time it is paired with a weathered shake roof that makes it look elegant and casual, all at the same time.  The mutton bars in the little upstairs windows add subtle detail, as do the metal barn lights over the main floor openings.  The shutters even have shutter dogs attached, but the crowning touch...the cupola!  Covered in a contrasting shake, it stands out as the centerpiece, without being bold enough to ruin the beautiful, subtle feel of this exterior.  Some well-placed vents, and it is truly a masterpiece!  I sure would love to be a guest in this guest house...if only I knew who owned it!

My Favorite DIY Project:
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Who isn't sick of their grout color in their bathroom, kitchen or laundry room?  We all are!  But before you start ripping out your tile or chiseling out your grout, try painting it!  Now available at home improvement stores, grout pens are saving floors and backsplashes all across America.  It goes on easy and wipes right off the tile if you make a booboo.  It may even take you right back to your days of coloring as a child, but this time stay ON the lines, not IN the lines!  You will find that the pens don't go very far so you will probably need many, but it is still cheaper than installing a whole new floor.

 My Favorite Fall Look:
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Last month I posted a pin of my favorite fall look that was pretty traditional, as far as colors go.  This time I was drawn to this blue door and white pumpkins!  Who said pumpkins have to be orange, anyway?!  Well, it wasn't just the pumpkins that caught my eye, I actually like many things about this porch.  The door color is a dusty aqua that makes the black hardware pop, but it is the black that is carried throughout this look that makes it all flow so nicely.  The black lantern light, the planters and the painted house numbers, all stand out from the road.  A simple grapevine wreath with dried hydrangeas and a burlap bow,  are exactly what this door needs to enhance it, not hide it.  More hydrangeas in the pots and a copper mailbox give this porch a simple, yet pretty entrance that whispers fall, rather than screams it.  Maybe this year will be the year that more and more people think outside the box when it comes to fall colors and decorations.  As for me...I'm sticking with my creepy white ghosts and skeletal dog!

My Favorite Piece @ KalamazooKitty Right Now:
Reclaimed Piece @ KalamazooKitty
Made by hand by a local craftsman, this piece is nothing short of awesome!  A kitchen island?  Of course!  This reclaimed wood piece would bring the Industrial Chic into your kitchen in an instant.  With drawers for silverware and a spot for pots and pans, it would not only be functional, it would be the conversation piece at your next party!  Is there anything better than old wood and metal, married together in perfect harmony?!  Kitchen too small?  How 'bout a bathroom vanity?  Drop a couple of sinks in there and show off the plumbing underneath, and you are on your way to the most unique master bathroom in your neighborhood.  This could also bring a dining room to life as a buffet, or make the perfect bar for a basement family room.  One thing is for sure, you will never see another like it...and something this cool... can only be found at KalamazooKitty!

This closes out September, supermoon lunar eclipse and all!
Photo taken by my daughter

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