A Master Bathroom Masterpiece

Aw...shucks!  Is it really a masterpiece?  Absolutely!  I know this because the home owner loves it; which is what makes it a REAL masterpiece.  So where did this remodel begin, you ask?  As you can see in the before pictures, it was your basic master bathroom found in many homes across America.  A standard vanity, vinyl flooring and nothing extra or special.  This Kalamazoo homeowner wanted to spice it up and create a retreat that felt unique and all her own.  The first step in this project was finding the perfect piece of furniture to serve as the vanity.  It had to be 60" wide, exactly!  I knew just where to start my hunt...KalamazooKitty!  This beautiful buffet came in in rough shape, so I rescued it and created the perfect look for this rustic, yet stylish, master bathroom.  Using Heirloom Traditions Black Bean paint, I covered the piece from top to bottom. 
Buffet used for vanity BEFORE
Vanity AFTER
A little distressing with a sanding block and some Dark Umber wax, and this piece was ready to be set in place! But not so fast!  Large rectangular tiles on the floor set in a brick pattern, and a new tub and tile surround had to come first.  All the new tiles in this room make it feel warm and inviting, with the soothing neutral tones.  We chose grout colors to blend in, rather than stand out, to keep a simple look throughout.  But the piece de resistance?!
Pallet Wall Install
Pallet Wall
The pallet wall behind the vanity!  I started with a variety of pallet boards so that the depth, color and look of each piece was unique.  After marking the studs on the wall, I started nailing up boards from the top down, being sure a nail went into the studs on each board. 
After the wall was completely covered with wood, I sanded it with a power sander to smooth out any rough areas.  I next added stain to a few of the newer boards so they would blend in nicely with the aged ones.  Finally, a topcoat of clear, oil-based satin will give this wall durability and scrubbability (add that word to your dictionary).  The same process was used to replace the outdated medicine cabinet with pallet wood and glass shelves.  Once the vanity was set in place (we pulled the vanity away from the wall a few inches to make the counter a bit deeper and more functional), a quartz countertop with undermount sink was installed.  To carry the look of the
Shelves AFTER
dark wood into the toilet room, we added solid butcherblock
shelves over the toilet to hold essentials.  Installed "floating" and stained dark, they are the perfect touch in that small space!  Lastly, an oil-rubbed faucet and vanity light were installed.  After a new shower curtain from Pottery Barn was hung, and "his" and "her" hooks, this room was ready for action!  This tub-soaking homeowner can bask in the beauty of her new master bathroom night after night.

This is from Kalamazoo...to you!


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