Painted YOU do it!

Don't leave yet!  I know the idea of painting furniture is a little scary to some, but it isn't hard to do...especially with chalk-type paints!  I blogged back in April about the paint itself, now it is time to show you a piece that I painted for the 1st Anniversary Party at this past Saturday.

I started by cleaning the piece with a damp rag.  If it had been filthy, I would have used Dawn soapy water or a tsp solution.
That's it for prep! sanding or priming!

Now comes the most important part, so listen carefully (okay, read carefully):
*Apply a VERY light coat of paint using a brush, even cheap chip brushes work.  I used the Heirloom Traditions color Privilege (LOVE IT!).  I like to dip right out of the paint cap.  That way you will not put too much paint on your brush!
*Work in a criss-cross pattern to keep brush strokes random.

That was your first coat.  How easy is that?!  

Did you forget to take a "before" picture, too? Well don't!

*Once the paint is dry to the touch (anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 days depending on humidity), sand lightly with a brown paper bag or 600gt sandpaper.  I mean LIGHTLY!  You should not break a sweat or even make a mess.

*Repeat the same process for a second coat, if needed.  Keep in mind that if you plan to heavily distress your piece, you may only need one coat.  At this time you could add a coat of a different color to have a layered look after distressing, if you'd like.  Be creative!

*After your second coat is dry, lightly sand or distress, whichever you prefer. Sanding can be done with a sandpaper, sanding block or orbital sander.  For this piece, I lightly sanded to get a bit of a worn look.

Last step (already?  I know...this is easy!):
*Choose either wax, Liquid Patina or a clear coat to finish your piece. I used the Aqua Clear Coat from Heirloom Traditions.

Wax will enhance your piece, make it feel silky smooth and give it a great luster.  Wax will not protect your piece from water or cleaning chemicals!  Apply with a lint-free, dry rag.  Buff until smooth.

Liquid Patina (by Heirloom Traditions DIY collection) will do the same as the wax.  Apply with a damp, lint-free rag.

Clear coat will protect your piece for years and years to come.  Apply with a brush.  Sand in between coats.  Use at least 2 coats to ensure you cover the entire piece.  Keep in mind that clear coats may yellow, so test it out before you do your entire piece!

You did it!  Snap a pic and treasure it forever.

Still need help?  Come watch a demonstration at!  Check here for class dates and times.

This is from you!


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