Old Rusty Bed Springs?

Bed springs?  Why would I blog about old rusty bed springs?  Why not?!  Most days you can walk into either KalamazooKitty.com location and find bed springs, either loose or still intact.  Take this one for example:
Some people might look at that and wonder why on earth someone would want to buy a rusty bed spring!  Others, like you and me, see a project or a great display piece.  So I did a little hunting around Pinterest and Google Images to see what I could find.  HOLY COW!  Let's dig in...
Bed Spring Sun!  What a great piece for a fence, the perfect spot in your garden or an empty place on your front porch or house.  But don't limit yourself!  This could certainly hang above a fireplace or a bed.  During the holidays, add white lights!  Add ornaments, garland, or tinsel.  Not into rusty metal?  Spray paint it any color of the rainbow!  I found this project on Cindee's Garden Blog.  Love it!

Christmas Tree?!  Of course!  What a simple project to do with the kids.  Stretch your spring a bit to get it to stand upright and go to town with decorations!  I love how simple this one is.  The rope base adds a great touch as well.  I found this project on Danielle's Place.

Now we are talking!  I love this spring being used as functional art!  A message board, a photo gallery, a pin-up station, homework central, sewing center and on and on!  What a great use of something that would otherwise be thrown away.  I found this photo on Pinterest.  The watermark says Funky Junk Interiors and the website says vintiquitiesmuse.blogspot.com, but that reroutes you to another page.  I just want to give credit where credit is due!  Great idea for any home!

How 'bout one more?

I just love this!  I found this photo on Pinterest, but no credit for the creator.

For about a thousand or so more ideas on what to do with an old rusty bedspring, just Google It!

Okay...so next time you run across one of these treasures, grab it and turn it into something awesome (and send me a photo)!

This is from Kalamazoo...to you!


  1. Kitty, how do you decide what to clean up and leave mostly as is, or go all in and refurbish and repurpose?

    1. Tough call! Most things I love in their rusty, weathered, distressed natural state. Other pieces, such as furniture that may have value, I like to totally refinish. One other deciding factor is who the piece is for and what the feel of the room is. But more often than not, I leave it in its natural state! Good luck with your projects :)


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