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Monday, January 25, 2016

A Master Bathroom Masterpiece

Aw...shucks!  Is it really a masterpiece?  Absolutely!  I know this because the home owner loves it; which is what makes it a REAL masterpiece.  So where did this remodel begin, you ask?  As you can see in the before pictures, it was your basic master bathroom found in many homes across America.  A standard vanity, vinyl flooring and nothing extra or special.  This Kalamazoo homeowner wanted to spice it up and create a retreat that felt unique and all her own.  The first step in this project was finding the perfect piece of furniture to serve as the vanity.  It had to be 60" wide, exactly!  I knew just where to start my hunt...KalamazooKitty!  This beautiful buffet came in in rough shape, so I rescued it and created the perfect look for this rustic, yet stylish, master bathroom.  Using Heirloom Traditions Black Bean paint, I covered the piece from top to bottom. 
Buffet used for vanity BEFORE
Vanity AFTER
A little distressing with a sanding block and some Dark Umber wax, and this piece was ready to be set in place! But not so fast!  Large rectangular tiles on the floor set in a brick pattern, and a new tub and tile surround had to come first.  All the new tiles in this room make it feel warm and inviting, with the soothing neutral tones.  We chose grout colors to blend in, rather than stand out, to keep a simple look throughout.  But the piece de resistance?!
Pallet Wall Install
Pallet Wall
The pallet wall behind the vanity!  I started with a variety of pallet boards so that the depth, color and look of each piece was unique.  After marking the studs on the wall, I started nailing up boards from the top down, being sure a nail went into the studs on each board. 
After the wall was completely covered with wood, I sanded it with a power sander to smooth out any rough areas.  I next added stain to a few of the newer boards so they would blend in nicely with the aged ones.  Finally, a topcoat of clear, oil-based satin will give this wall durability and scrubbability (add that word to your dictionary).  The same process was used to replace the outdated medicine cabinet with pallet wood and glass shelves.  Once the vanity was set in place (we pulled the vanity away from the wall a few inches to make the counter a bit deeper and more functional), a quartz countertop with undermount sink was installed.  To carry the look of the
Shelves AFTER
dark wood into the toilet room, we added solid butcherblock
shelves over the toilet to hold essentials.  Installed "floating" and stained dark, they are the perfect touch in that small space!  Lastly, an oil-rubbed faucet and vanity light were installed.  After a new shower curtain from Pottery Barn was hung, and "his" and "her" hooks, this room was ready for action!  This tub-soaking homeowner can bask in the beauty of her new master bathroom night after night.

This is from you!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

What IS the KalamazooKitty Marketplace?

MAY DAY!  MAY DAY!  To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement.  The first ever KalamazooKitty Marketplace is coming to Kalamazoo, Michigan, on May 1st, 2016!  Since the announcement of this event, we have been flooded with emails, FB messages and phone calls about this big day.  In light of all that, I have decided to give my blog readers a sneak peek into what is going on behind the scenes, all the details we have so far, and tips to make this the best shopping experience ever!  So let's dig in...

Why: So why a Marketplace?  Those of you who already know KalamazooKitty, know that we do regular events throughout the year with booths inside and out.  Rest easy, we will continue our regular store events as usual!  So why do a Marketplace?  That's bring visitors into Kalamazoo and showcase the talent that we have in both shops and individuals!  No, all our vendors are not from Kalamazoo, but we love bringing others in to add to the variety of the Marketplace!  As for the shops, many of your favorite stores around town will be showcasing their treasures at the Marketplace, as well!  My vision for this event is to bring the Kalamazoo area store owners together in one place, in addition to 150+ vendors, to offer the greatest shopping experience ever.  Going hand-in-hand with building community, local non-profit organizations will receive a portion of proceeds from ticket sales!  Keep an eye out for the list of organizations to be announced as we get closer to the Marketplace.  So get ready, Kalamazoo...We are going to be a stronger, closer community after the close of the first-ever KalamazooKitty Marketplace!

Location: Kalamazoo Speedway on Ravine Road.  Why this location?  Many reasons!  To back up a minute, reaching the decision of where to hold this huge event was no easy task!  I visited every park in Kalamazoo to find the perfect place that met all of our needs. First and foremost...PARKING!  We need a venue with ample parking (6500+) and many entrances to allow shoppers to get in, get parked and get shopping fast! A gated area for the booths with many entrances to, once again, get shoppers in FAST.  An area for the best food trucks in town!  An ATM, many bathrooms & room for vintage campers (or should I say "glampers"?).  But most importantly, I wanted the Marketplace to be in the beautiful town of Kalamazoo, Michigan!  The Kalamazoo Speedway met all our requirements, and more, and it is going to be an awesome location!

When: SUNDAY...What?!  Yes, we are hosting our very first event on a Sunday!  May 1st, 2016, from 10am-3pm...Rain or Shine! MAY DAY....MAY DAY...

Tickets $5: Tickets will be available soon at both KalamazooKitty locations.  With your prepaid ticket, you will receive a shopping bag!  This bag will get you into the Marketplace through the "Prepaid" line that will move quickly because we only have to see your bag to wave you through!  Watch the website,, for more information on prepaid ticket sale dates.  Tickets will also be available at the gates on the day of the event.  Please have your $5 bill ready in your hand to move shoppers through the lines quickly.  Shopping bags will also be available for purchase at the Marketplace, while supplies last.

Vendors:  Hold onto your hats!  We are getting the best-of-the-best vendors from all over Michigan, and beyond, to sell their wares and treasures.  You will find vintage pieces, painted furniture, handmade signs, BOHO, shabby chic, urban farmhouse, industrial chic, and much much more!  We will not have direct sales (home-based business) or crafts.  As the date gets closer, we will have a countdown with photos on the KalamazooKitty Facebook page with glimpses into the booths you will find at the Marketplace!  Are you one of the best-of-the-best?  Don't fret!  There is still time to apply for a booth at the Marketplace!  Please email for more information.

Food Trucks: YUM!  We are having a large row of food trucks to satisfy every appetite!  If you own a food truck, or know someone who does, please email

Glampers: Is there anything cuter than a vintage camper?!  We have the perfect spot in mind for a fleet of campers to join the Marketplace.  Please email to get your camper registered!

Music: Say what?!  You bet!  You are going to love the entertainer we have planned for you!

Shopper Tips:
*Buy your ticket (shopping bag) at KalamazooKitty before May 1st!
*Come early to get into the parking lot quickly.
*Have a $5 bill ready at the gates if you have not prepaid.
*Don't forget your bag on Marketplace day!
*Dress for the weather...May in Michigan can mean anything!
*Wear appropriate shoes!  The grounds are mostly grass, and although they don't tend to get mushy, if the weather has been very wet, it may be a little sloppy in areas.
*Strollers may be very difficult to maneuver through the crowds and grassy areas.
*Bring cash in small bills to help the vendors out.  Some vendors accept credit cards, but cash is always preferred.  ATM is located near the building.
*Take a pic in the Photo Spot at the Marketplace to enter into a contest (more details to come)!
*Bring your friends and HAVE FUN!

What more can I say?!  As the date draws near, I will be updating the website and facebook pages regularly to keep everyone, shoppers & vendors alike, up to speed on Marketplace details.  So mark your calendar for May Day, and be ready to shop with friends & experience nothing like you have ever seen before as you take a walk thru Pinterest, right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan!

This is from you!