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Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Top 5 November Favorites!

It's hard to believe that November is almost gone.  Snow hit Kalamazoo, Michigan, last night, which will catapult Michiganders right into the holiday spirit.  But before December arrives, I want to recap what I loved this month:

My Favorite Pin:
Found on
Before I start telling you about all the things I LOVE about this space, scroll down to the bottom of this post and look at My Favorite Piece at  KalamazooKitty Right Now.  These two photos go hand-in-hand, so if you want to recreate this beautiful room, now you know where to shop for the giant cubbies and the metal chairs.  About THOSE cubbies...they are awesome!  What a great "buffet" in a dining room!  With oodles of storage for glasses and dishes, you won't need your grandma's china cabinet any longer (so bring it to KalamazooKitty to consign).  Whether the cubbies are painted like this one, or natural old wood like the photo from my store, it will do the trick.  Paired with the farmhouse metal chairs and the industrial lights, this would make a great dining room, office or craft room.  Check out for similar lighting.

My Favorite Exterior:
Found on
Named "Riverbend" by Paula Deen, this adorable cottage is situated on her 5.5 acre estate in Savannah, GA.  It is just loaded with details!  A spire, a metal roof and a front porch?  Say no more!  And in Savannah, Georgia?!  I'm in love :).  The wood front door is the perfect warm touch to this stark white exterior and hard metal roof.  A cozy sitting area for morning coffee sits just outside the pretty white windows that are adorned with black shutters and metal shutter dogs.  I love the way the porch posts frame out the door and windows, and support the secondary roof with the most perfect wood corbels.  Don't overlook the enormous live oaks and perennials that soften the walkway leading up to the cottage.  Some hanging ferns bring the fresh green color up to the building, making it a little more difficult to peek in the windows!  However, the little bit that we can see from the photo makes me believe that the inside of this space is just as amazing as the outside.  Please, Paula...can I be your guest???

My Favorite DIY Project:
Done by Jenna Sue Design
What a transformation!  I have done similar techniques in the past, but her photos and directions are incredible!  With a few simple products (wood veneer and boards), Jenna Sue took a slab door and turned it into an amazing piece of art.  This door was then stained, but could easily be painted, as well.  You could do a solid color, painted and waxed to enhance the wood texture, stain it gray, or whatever fits your style.    If tools and wood aren't your thing, check out your local salvage places for cool old doors.  Be sure to hit Heritage Company in downtown Kalamazoo, MI.  You have never seen so many doors in one place!  You may get lucky and find just the right size you need, at a price you can afford.  Don't forget to check KalamazooKitty!  We get old doors (and windows) in often.  Whether you create this door, or find one already done, be sure to freshen up the hinges and doorknob.  Jenna Sue even added a cool lantern fixture from World Market.  Awesome project!

My Favorite Christmas Look:
Found Here!
WOW!  Okay, not everyone has a magnificent bedroom like this, but we can all take away some great ideas to achieve a similar look.  I found this on Pinterest and love it!  Yes, the holiday decor is beautiful, and I'll get to that in a minute, but check out the vaulted ceiling, shelf above the bed, chandelier and incredible furniture!  Right now at KalamazooKitty, you could find something similar to almost everything in this room.  We have letters to spell words, 4 poster beds, antique dressers for side tables, settees, chandeliers, metal bins and Christmas trees!  Speaking of Christmas, let's take a closer look at what was used to make this room so cozy and filled with the Christmas spirit.  Greens!  They are on the chandelier and headboard in the form of garland, and several trees, including the beautiful flocked Christmas tree, carry the greenery throughout the space.  The color scheme is simple, with only creams, red and green, which help make the room soothing and calm.  The word NOEL takes center stage up high above the bed on a simple rail that extends the length of the room.  A handful of Christmas trees finish off the look and each are decorated simply, or not at all.  I love the use of the metal bin at the end of the bed to hold the miniature Christmas tree!  There are no rules against decorating your bedroom for the holidays, so why not have a little fun with it?!

My Favorite Piece @ KalamazooKitty Right Now:
Old Cubbies found at KalamazooKitty Portage Rd.
As mentioned above, I chose this section of KalamazooKitty because it was perfect for My Favorite Pin (above).  Imagine the dining room you could create with these old cubbies!  Add those metal industrial chairs around a farmhouse table, and you have that Industrial Chic room that I would certainly drool over.  Dining Room not big enough?  Place the cubbies in a craft room, basement or mudroom!  With a long craft table and those metal chairs...Ooh la la :). 

So whether you are decorating for the holidays, or decorating for everyday living, there are many details you can pull from the beautiful pictures on Pinterest to help you achieve the look you are after.  Once you have a vision for your space, visit your local resale, consignment and thrift stores to pull it all together on a budget. 
That wraps up November, 2015.  Here we come, December, ready or not!

This is from you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Deck the Halls...

Windows of Vintage Sleds
Yes, it is time!  Every year brings a new holiday season.  A season filled with SNOW, shopping and holiday decor.  Are you ready?  It's time to start decking the halls and checking people off our lists.  I, personally, have only found a few things to check off my list so far, so I better get moving!  Somehow Christmas Eve always sneaks up on me and I wonder how it happened so fast.  So now that Halloween is passed us and we have "fallen" back in time, it's time to dig through our holiday boxes and bins and see what can stay and what must go.  Go where, you ask?  KalamazooKitty, of course!  Bring in those vintage ornaments, holiday decorations and anything else that no longer fits into your theme.  We LOVE that stuff!  And speaking of is time to D E C O R A T E (the stores, anyway).
Saturday, November 7, 2015, we will be kicking off the holiday season with our annual Holiday Open House at the West Main location (the Portage Rd. location Holiday Open House will be Sat., Nov. 14th, 2015 from 10-6).  So how do we do it?  How do we decorate 18,000 sf in a matter of hours?  Elves!
No, this is not an Elf!
Okay, maybe not elves, but certainly an awesome group of volunteers.  Here is how it goes down:
After closing on the Friday before the Open House at 6pm,  it is GO time!  We assemble in groups and tackle different areas of the store.  Each area is adorned with a beautiful Christmas tree to showcase the theme.  Lit from top to bottom, these trees feature vintage ornaments, Hallmark ornaments and anything else that came in on consignment.  We have hundreds of ornaments throughout the store each year!  The themes are carefully thought out and chosen prior to this evening, based on what arrived at each location.  We usually have an entire area decked out with snowmen, one with santas, a vintage area, as well as a children's corner.  The themes are located throughout the store to guide shoppers through our indoor winter wonderland.  Don't miss the beautiful centerpieces, holiday tablescapes and dishes for Thanksgiving dinner!  In addition to the consignment pieces, we always have great displays within the booths. 
Branches and Cardinals
There you will find metal reindeer, gifts for teachers, and wreaths made from vintage ornaments.  Gifts?  Of course!  You will find the perfect gift for your boss, your best friend and your mom.  Not to mention your neighbor, the mail carrier and your great uncle Sam.  When the store opens at 10 am Saturday morning, the windows will be adorned with a magical theme, there will be treats for your shopping pleasure, and more decorations than your eyes can take in!  Speaking of windows, let's flash back at the previous holiday window displays.  What do cotton balls, sleds, branches and stars all have in common?  KalamazooKitty front windows!
Cotton balls in the windows!
What will it be this year?  Well believe it or not, I spend all year thinking up my window displays.  I always work in multiples, and try to find readily-available items.  To date, my favorite window display was the cotton balls!  It was definitely the most time-consuming, but it had a great wintry look, at a rare moment when Kalamazoo, Michigan didn't have any snow!  There is only one way to find out what is inside the windows, and in the windows, at KalamazooKitty...come to the Holiday Open Houses!

This is from you!